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Volkswagen Passat Tailored Car Mats

Volkswagen Passat Tailored Car Mats

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The Volkswagen Passat has remained a solid contender for both fleet purchasers and private buyers for a number of years now. With each successive model the Passat just keeps on getting better and better with more refined engines, better fuel economy and more equipment.

The lions share of Passat models in the UK were made in saloon format, however a high number of estate models are also specified. In addition some special variants have been introduced including the Passat CC (Coupe/Cabriolet) sold from 2008 until 2011, the super-high powered Passat R36 from 2008 until 2010, and the all-new Passat Alltrack model introduced in 2012.

We sell car mats for all Passat models from 1996 onwards. Please note however that all versions from 1996 to 2011 had one of two different fixing clips fitted to the car, either a stud type or a twist type, so you will need to check which you have before placing your order. All models from 2011 onwards (and all Passat CC models from 2008 onwards) were made with stud fixings in the floor, and your mats will be supplied with the correct fittings to attach to these.

Please note these mats will NOT fit the new Volkswagen CC sold from 2012 onwards. If you are looking for these mats, !!<please click here>!!.


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Tailored Car Mat Set to fit Volkswagen Passat

Manufactured in the UK these Fully Tailored Floor Mats will enhance and protect the interior of your Passat. The mats will be cut to the pattern shown in the line drawing but the material photos are for illustration only and are not for this vehicle.

  • - Durable automotive grade carpet or rubber.
  • - Mats are fully tailored to the vehicle.
  • - Material colours to suit all tastes.
  • - Non-slip, high friction backing.

    All our Fitted Car Mats are Cut-To-Order, these can take 5-7 Days to arrive at your door. An Express Delivery Option is Available.

    Please refer to the Line Drawing for the actual mat layout and Clip location. Colours may vary slightly due to screen resolution and quality.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions either through on the Contact Us page (please allow 1 working days for response). We always do our best to help.