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Scania Floor Mats

Scania Floor Mats

As well as supplying mats for cars, we manufacture and supply mats for HGV's. We have a great selection of Scania floor mats which are used in these industrial vehicles and one can rest assured that the materials will be designed for heavy usage. The Scania P and Scania R series have very different specifications but the mats that we offer will have the same outstanding quality that you would expect from a United Kingdom born and bred company. Lorries are an excellent means of transportation but they should be well maintained.

The cabin areas of Lorries should be as comfortable as possible. Some drivers may make overnight stops and having a decent set of tailored floor mats should be high on the list of truck accessories. Having a properly furnished truck will create a good outlook for your own business and you will be doing yourself a service by using good quality furnishings. You could compare vehicle mats to the mats in your home where first impressions last and regular maintenance is important. The model number of your Scania will denote the size of carpets that we can provide you with and if it is more convenient, we can deliver the mats to you at your business address.

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