Tailored Car Mats

Proton Car Mats

Proton Car Mats

Proton cars are in a class of their own and the Proton Gen 2 models are in high demand. For this wonderful car, we can easily supply seventeen separate materials, all offering the perfect level of coverage and protection. Strong, high quality carpets and rubbers are so much in demand and this is especially true for taxi cab companies whose vehicles need the most protection. Hire car companies favour our tailored car mats as they appreciate the hard wearing durability and practicalities that we can offer so widely. Beach sand can cause a number of problems in cars, as can salt and choosing sensibly will arm you for a whole range of activities.

Our Proton car mats are made according to strict UK manufacturing guidelines where quality standards are indisputable. It is a pity to use second class mats as they really will not offer all the qualities that a more sophisticated set can. A good quality mat will withstand every day wear and will benefit the owner by being easy to keep clean. Being tailor made, the wear and tear will be less focused on one area and therefore they will last longer than a standard version. The pedals can be used without any inconvenience, making driving a treat.

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