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MAN Floor Mats

MAN Floor Mats

Heavy goods vehicles can cover a great number of miles every day and it is important that the proper provision is made when it comes to prolonging the life of the interior of the cabin. We sell mats which can fit the MAN TGX model. Fully tailored and ready to put down, comfort and durability are the top considerations. HGV driving means that heavy duty rubber or carpet may be required and with a three piece system being offered, you will soon be enjoying a hassle-free drive with superior flooring throughout.

The three part floor mat system ensures full coverage of the cabin for drivers and their passengers and comfort is a major factor which is taken into account during the manufacturing process. Long hours at the wheel means plenty of pedal use and we have created affordable cabin flooring to make your journey time more enjoyable. Cost effective vehicles should have comfortable interiors and this is where we come in to make sure that the truck mats do their job from morning till dusk. Remember that the vehicle's market value can be increased if the right measures are taken. Our mats protect from food particles and grime and can be cleaned easily whenever the need arises.

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