Tailored Car Mats

Infiniti Car Mats

Infiniti Car Mats

At the luxury end of the car market, you can be assured of a luxury fit from any of the seven shades of tailored car mats that we have on offer. Cars in the range include the Infiniti G, Infiniti M, plus Infiniti models EX and FX. We can supply the mats direct to you and you will feel a sense of pride every time you step into your vehicle. Correctly fitted car mats look amazing and coupled with our competitive prices, we can provide you with the ultimate level of comfort and client satisfaction.

The materials used in our custom floor mats are all first class and are of the highest quality. On the surface, you will discover classic designs and underneath, a highly effective method of protecting your footwells. The backing is as important as the top fabric and features. Some of our tailored sets include heelpads to protect the high use areas and to aid you when operating the pedals. You may think that customised car mats cost a fortune. Have a look at our range and you will be impressed enough reach a decision on the perfect set. Our quotes are clear and concise and with our express delivery option, you can receive your mats straight away.

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